Jos & Gab - Slogan/motto
Jos & Gab. Jos = Josefine Englund. Gab= Gabrielle Englund. Two sisters born in Stockholm and raised in Värmdölandet in the Stockholm archipelago. When Jos was 10 and Gabrielle 11, the family moved to Fuengirola in southern Spain where the mother who is a dentist ran a dental clinic.

Jos & Gab received  guitars when they were 4-5 years old and music has been the main interest. In 2002 the family returned to Sweden but Josefine wanted to go the last year of High school in Fuengirola and Gabrielle had the year before graduated at Viktor Rydberg at Odenplan in the heart of Stockholm. 

In 2010 they sent in the own song "De står på rad" to Svensktoppen (Swedish radio P4) nästa under the artistname, Josebelle.They came to the county finals.

The new artistic project Jos & Gab just became after the sisters sang on a demo "Lipstick lover" at studio Beatlife subsequently submitted to music site Reverbnation and then ended up at the Los Angeles  Radio Cafe owned by the renowned DJ Christopher Ewing. Today the song spins anywhere in the world and the concertpromoters and recordlabels is a perennial chapter because the sisters are still unsigned

Jos & Gab has just scheduled for completion studiorecording by three new songs in their colloboration with the producerteam

Videorecording on Lipstick lover is produced by the great recordingteam Emelie Granqvist & Mikael Frendel. Edited by Mikael Frendel

Listen to "Lipstick lover " Jos & Gab at

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